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We experience many career transitions: returning to work after an absence, pivoting in a new direction, making the leap as entrepreneur. Skills, confidence, supportive community and job postings are important in these transitions. With that in mind, we've partnered with outstanding companies who can help you navigate the journey. 

“I was really inspired by how intentional is in choosing, engaging and connecting all of their partners, and in how aligned our values are. It allows all of us to amplify each other's impact.”

Mary Sise / Head of Community, Mathison
BrainStation NL

Upskill and Pivot with Brainstation

On a mission to “future-proof” careers, Brainstation offers digital skills training both online and in-person at their Vancouver and New York City campuses. They work with more than 500 instructors from a variety of companies to develop cutting edge digital education in the following disciplines: data, design, product, marketing, development and business.


Brainstation offers $1000 discount on their part time certificates (original price $3950) and $5000 discount on their 12 week full time program (original price $16,000). You have to be a registered member of in order to take advantage of these discounts.

Additional info can be found here.

For more details about their programs and to redeem the special offer contact Brainstation Learning Advisor Andrew Lee.

Blissen NL

Launch Your Business with Blissen

Blissen offers first-time entrepreneurs 50 + (“encore entrepreneurs”) a “one stop shop” where they can learn how to move their online business idea to an online business. Blissen’s  Bootcamp is its 12-week online program that equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to get started. At this time this offer is primarily available in San Francisco area due to a recently won  Office of Economic & Workforce Development Grant from the San Francisco Tech Council. Blissen experts offer hands on guidance on website development, marketing strategy and customer acquisition. Entrepreneurs in the program also benefit by building community and developing connections with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs .  The company also offers 1-1 services and continued support once the program is over.


Blissen offers a 50% discount on its 2021 bootcamps.  Enroll now for just $999.  You have to be a registered member of in order to take advantage of this discount.

Reach out to Solene for more info on their programs and to redeem the special offer.

Own the Room NL

Build Confidence with "Own the Room"

Since 2011, Own the Room has partnered with more than 200 companies in 46 countries and 7 languages, empowering individuals and teams with the breakthrough communication skills. Their  uniquely, experiential approach to learning & development includes such virtual training programs as "Engage Your Audience", "Communicate with Slides" and "Ace the Interview" 


Want to up your communication game? Sign up for one of Own the Room's 90 minute open sessions. Use the partnership promo code ABSOLUTE50 to receive a discounted admission fee of $50 (regular price $79).

Mathison NL

Find your dream job with Mathison

Mathison is a hiring platform designed “to bridge the gap between the most underrepresented job seekers and employers committed to diversity and inclusion”.  They offer employers the chance to improve their diversity hiring by connecting them to Mathison’s large network of diverse job seekers. They offer job candidates access to information on job listings with inclusive employers as well as the chance to participate in curated events and take advantage of other career enhancing resources.


Mathison recognizes the challenges gendered ageism can bring to employment and, as such, has generously offered to include as one of their community partners. The women of are invited to add their profile to Mathison’s database of job candidates where they will be considered for employment by the platform’s impressive list of participating hiring companies and invited to take advantage of other benefits Mathison offers job seekers. When you create the profile enter "amazingcommunity" in the bio section.