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Two Paths Lead to One Amazing Community

by Stela Lupushor & Nicola Palmarini Stela’s Story: “Women between 55–65 constitute almost half of long-term unemployment.” The ...

  • 3/25/2021
  • Connections, Culture & Society


No One is Purr-fect. And That’s OK.

Chris Anderson Is it just me or does anyone else want to see what they look like as a kitten after watching the “I’m not a cat” Zoom fa...

  • 2/22/2021
  • Technical skills, Trend-spotting, New tech, Digital, Workplace tools


Why Women over 40 Should Connect With Women Under 40

The power of continual learning regardless of your age or career stage Charlotte Japp, Founder, CIRKEL “Could you explain to me what th...

  • 11/11/2020
  • Employment, Future of work, Networking, Career pivot / transitions, Brain & mind, Staying active, Community, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism


New Partnership Serves Up Endless Possibilities

Chris Anderson I think we can all agree. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfeld’s decision in 1978 to collaborate on a smooth and chunky ice cre...

  • 8/20/2020
  • Skills Building, Lifelong learning, Technical skills, Career pivot / transitions, Technology, New tech, Digital, Workplace tools


Build Your Brand in Four Simple Steps

Why Everyone Needs a Brand Positioning by Danielle Hughes Is this really another blog about branding? Yes it is. But wait! Don’t go!B...

  • 7/15/2020
  • Employment, Future of work, Job search, Networking, Working longer, Skills Building, Lifelong learning, Entrepreneurship, Career pivot / transitions, Workplace tools, Multigenerational workforce


Feeling isolated? Five C’s to Recovery

by Amy Armitage, Paula Barrios Sanchez, Dr. Kelly Tremblay Many of us are feeling the strain of social distancing. Women and minorities...

  • 6/17/2020
  • Wellbeing, Brain & mind, Staying active, Connections, Community, Belonging, Companionship, Spirituality


Apart But Not Alone

Social distance doesn’t mean we can’t connect. by Naomi Kaufman While it’s true that meeting face to face is great, it doesn’t need to ...

  • 6/17/2020
  • Future of work, Working longer, Digital, Workplace tools, Brain & mind, Community


Survival Tips for the Rest of Us

by Katrina Busselle Remember that genre of survival tips? How to stay alive in an avalanche! What to do if your plane is crashing. Your...

  • 5/28/2020
  • Brain & mind, Staying active, Connections, Community, Belonging, Family, Loneliness, Caregiving, Companionship


Upping Your Skills Game with Online Resources

by Naomi Kaufman Mentors and career coaches encourage us to continually make time to learn new skills and get exposed to new ideas. Mor...

  • 9/16/2019
  • Skills Building, Lifelong learning, Technical skills, Career pivot / transitions, Workplace tools


Call Me…Maybe

Numbers Matter and Other Interview Lessons Learned by Chris Anderson It was 3pm. I sat at my desk with my laptop in front of me. My ful...

  • 9/11/2019
  • Employment, Job search, Interviewing, Networking, Lifelong learning, Technical skills, Career pivot / transitions, Digital


Good Call: Tips for Preparing for A Phone Interview

by Paula Barrios Sanchez Exploring new job opportunities in the current workforce market requires you to not only showcase your experie...

  • 8/26/2019
  • Employment, Job search, Interviewing


3 Ways People Analytics Will Shape the Future of Work

by Stela Lupushor People are at the heart of every organization, so building a strong business requires bringing in top talent and cult...

  • 7/1/2019
  • Future of work, Working longer, Lifelong learning, Inclusive design, Technical skills, Trend-spotting, Technology, New tech, Digital, Ethics, Usability, AI & Age Bias, Workplace tools, Multigenerational workforce