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"Your Marriage is Older Than Me"

by Helen Sanchez, Founder, Tanagui LLC Going to Chicago in February is not something one would likely choose! But, it was something to...

  • 9/1/2021
  • Employment, Job search, Interviewing, Networking, Working longer, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism


Why Women over 40 Should Connect With Women Under 40

The power of continual learning regardless of your age or career stage Charlotte Japp, Founder, CIRKEL “Could you explain to me what ...

  • 11/11/2020
  • Employment, Future of work, Networking, Career pivot / transitions, Brain & mind, Staying active, Community, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism


Pay Equity at the intersection points: Permission, Policy and Performance

By Amy W. Loomis, Ph.D. Decades have passed since the 1963 Equal Pay Act. And yet . . . women make 77 cents for every dollar earned by...

  • 3/7/2019
  • Employment, Future of work, Job search, Working longer, Lifelong learning, Career pivot / transitions, Community, Culture & Society, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism


Levels of Listening: What we’ve learned

By Michelle N. Moore A Theory U listening exercise was introduced by Michelle N. Moore at Inclusion by Design conference organized by a...

  • 12/3/2018
  • Employment, Skills Building, Technology, Connections, Community, Culture & Society, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism, Impact


Myth Busted: You Can Learn About AI as You Age

By Sharon Lewis The availability of intelligent technology is here. On a daily basis, we read articles that embrace the changes that s...

  • 11/19/2018
  • Working longer, Skills Building, Lifelong learning, Technical skills, Career pivot / transitions, Technology, New tech, Digital, AI & Age Bias, Workplace tools, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism


Screw you Ashton Applewhite: How I Learned to Stop Looking Good “For My Age”

by Danielle Hughes I’m not a vain person. Yes, I take care of myself and I like to look good, but I’m pretty low maintenance as a “typ...

  • 11/18/2018
  • Brain & mind, Connections, Culture & Society, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism, Impact