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Screw you Ashton Applewhite: How I Learned to Stop Looking Good “For My Age”

by Danielle Hughes I’m not a vain person. Yes, I take care of myself and I like to look good, but I’m pretty low maintenance as a “typ...

  • 11/18/2018
  • Brain & mind, Connections, Culture & Society, Multigenerational workforce, Ageism, Impact


Myth Busted: The 9-to-5 model is destined to the extinction. But there’s plenty of life and work ahead

By Stefania Medetti There’s no more the future of work that used to be. I became the living proof of this statement when an airplane t...

  • 1/3/2018
  • Future of work, Working longer, Skills Building, Lifelong learning, Technical skills, Career pivot / transitions, Culture & Society, Multigenerational workforce