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Broaden Your Skills...Expand Your Career Horizon


Broaden Your Skills...Expand Your Career Horizon

  • 3/9/2022
  • Employment, Future of work, Job search, Interviewing, Networking, Working longer, Lifelong learning, Career pivot / transitions, New tech, Workplace tools, Community

by Chris Anderson, Marketing and Communications Director,

"The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change."-Maya Angelou.

Have you reached an inflection point in your career wondering what’s next? Have you been away from work and want to step back in? Or have you been intrigued by job possibilities in the financial industry? If so, we have a new program “[email protected]” that we think will add up for you!

[email protected] is a 6-week program designed to provide women 45+ with information about the financial industry, networking opportunities and mentorship. In collaboration with our generous sponsor HSBC, one of the world's largest banks, and with technical support from enterprise software platform Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC), we are excited to offer this innovative program set to launch on April 22nd.

Like Maya Angelou’s "horizon leaning forward", [email protected] invites you to take steps to start anew, to try something different, to expand your career possibilities.

During the program's four group sessions and four 1:1 mentoring conversations, participants will be introduced to different aspects of work in finance that will help them to make informed decisions about whether and how they should pursue a job in financial industry. *

Following is a snapshot of the program's schedule:

  • April 15th: you will receive an email invitation from TenThousandCoffees, the [email protected] Cafe platform that is used to facilitate introductions to your mentor and other program related communications. Please take the time to create your profile on the platform - it will be critical to ensure you are matched with a mentor and have access to the program communications and materials.
  • April 22nd Group Session: we will officially welcome you to the program, provide you with a demo of the [email protected] Cafe platform. Additionally we will provide an overview of the financial industry and basic financial terminology, explain how the banking system works (deposits, loans and spread, central bank, secondary market), the role of a bank in the economy, types of banks as well as a bit more about HSBC (12PM-1:30PM EST, virtual)
  • Shortly after Apr 22nd: we will match you with a mentor. You will receive an email from TenThousandCoffees with the introduction to your mentor.
  • Week of April 25th: you will coordinate a 1:1 mentor & mentee meeting at the time that works for both of you. Focus of the Meeting 1 is Goals setting (60 min, virtual)
  • May 6th Group Session: "A Day in the Life of” where we will have a panel of HSBC employees representing different roles and business lines who will describe the essence of their jobs and skills needed to be successful (12PM-1:30PM EST, virtual)
  • Week of May 9th: you will coordinate a 1:1 mentor & mentee meeting at the time that works for both of you. Suggested focus of the Meeting 2 is "Identifying barriers to career growth and ways to deal with set-backs (60 min, virtual)
  • May 20th: Group Session "My Journey Back” with a panel of HSBC employees describing their own pivot stories (12pm-1:30PM EST, virtual)
  • Week of May 23rd: you will coordinate a 1:1 mentor & mentee meeting at the time that works for both of you. Suggested focus of the Meeting 3 is "Embracing Change and Building a Growth Mindset" (60 min, virtual)
  • Week of May 30th: you will coordinate a 1:1 mentor & mentee meeting at the time that works for both of you. Suggested focus of the Meeting 4 is "How to Stand Out and How to Advocate for yourself" (60 min, virtual)
  • Jun 3rd Group Session: "Building Bridges” (resume review, practice interviewing with HSBC HR practitioners) followed by a graduation celebration and networking (10AM-2PM EST) Currently, we are planning to run this session in person at HSBC office in midtown Manhattan. Please plan to attend this half-day session in person so you can get personalized feedback, network and celebrate the program graduation with others in your cohort.

All women 45+ interested in exploring job possibilities in finance are asked to apply for the [email protected] program by 4/1. No prior experience is required. The first session is scheduled for April 22nd. Those accepted will be asked to pay a $99 fee (let us know if cost is a barrier for you.)

We look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a community with you! As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions/comments ([email protected]).

*[email protected] is purely for educational purposes and does not guarantee employment.



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