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New Partnership Serves Up Endless Possibilities


New Partnership Serves Up Endless Possibilities

  • 8/20/2020
  • Skills Building, Lifelong learning, Technical skills, Career pivot / transitions, Technology, New tech, Digital, Workplace tools

Chris Anderson

I think we can all agree. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfeld’s decision in 1978 to collaborate on a smooth and chunky ice cream made life much sweeter for all. Their partnership, along with many others, provides powerful proof that working together can be a catalyst for life changing enrichment (and, sometimes, rich calories!).

At we value the power of collaborative engagement and, as such, enthusiastically welcome partnerships that expand the work horizon for women 45+.

In this spirit, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with BrainStation, a global leader in digital skills training.


Partnering with BrainStation is, well, a no-brainer. Their mission to “future-proof” professionals with cutting edge digital skills aligns perfectly with ours to support women 45+ navigate the present and future of work in this digital world.

As an industry leader in digital skills training, BrainStation has helped more than 100,000 professionals prepare for the future of work. Their online and in-person certification and Diploma programs are taught by top industry leaders across the entire digital product lifecycle, including datadesigndevelopmentproduct management and digital marketing. They offer students the option of learning online or in person at their state of the art New York City, Vancouver and Toronto campuses.

Furthermore, BrainStation offers free online events where it brings speakers from across the world to talk about the changing digital landscape.


YES! There’s no time like the present to prepare for the future, particularly given the fast paced tech changes in the workplace. According to the World Economic Forum, 75 million jobs will be displaced by technology by 2022. The good news, however, is that 133 million more will be created in their place. It will be important to be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity to shift to these higher skilled jobs.

(According to Indeed, here are some of the higher skilled jobs in demand.)

Thanks to our partnership with BrainStation, the women of amazing community will have access to generous discounts on digital skills training program to help them prepare for this transition.

We’d love to give you the scoop! Please join us on September 16th, 12pm-1pm as Ian Bester of BrainStation outlines the benefits of our new partnership and the many ways their learning platform can help you prepare for the future of work. The hour promises to be enriching (and calorie free!).

Register here.

This post was originally published on Aug 20, 2020 on Medium.

Chris Anderson is the Marketing and Communications Director for She loves the opportunities she gets in this role to keep adding to her tech skill set.



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