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About Us.

Our vision? Expand the work horizon for women 45+.


A community of women 45+ navigating the present and future of work together in this digital world

Together, we inform, learn and connect.



What's important to us?

  • Game Changers: We strive to impact the lives of women 45+.
  • Curious Learners:  We foster an environment where women are inspired to expand their knowledge.
  • Engaged Listeners: We embrace and encourage open and honest conversations.
  • Inclusion Champions: We believe inclusivity broadens mindsets individually and collectively.

“Everyone has unique superpowers. We only need a few ingredients to unleash them - curiosity and commitment to life-long learning, inspiring role models or stories of transformation, and an inclusive community to support your journey. That is what is all about.”

Stela Lupushor / Founder of

VOICE: A Global Partnership

Our global partnership with VOICE enriches the depth and breadth of what we do at  This UK National Innovation Center for Aging (NICA) affiliated organization's ten years of operational expertise in community engagement informs our approach to building community and their multi-faceted programming allows us to expand the opportunities we are able to offer our membership.  

Branded as “Amplified by VOICE”,  our global partnership allows us to explore together the impact of technology at work, ageism, gender equality, cultural differences and the many issues and challenges that need to be addressed to ensure women over 45 thrive in the present and future of work. 


  • Unlimited access to VOICE learning opportunities

  • Chance to participate in corporate and nonprofit research projects supporting intelligent and healthy aging

  • Opportunity to grow community to include 8000+ VOICE members

Meet the Team.

Ashley Ater Kranov, PhD

Executive Director

Chris Anderson

Marketing & Communications Director

Our Partners.




Own the Room

Embrace change. Empower your future.

Technology’s impact on the present and future of work is undeniable. So, too, is our potential. Let’s navigate this exciting world together.

Join Us.