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Expanding the work horizon for women 45+

We inform, learn & connect as we navigate the present & future of work together in this digital world.


Stay on top of ever-changing technology used in the workplace 

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  • Influence products and offerings

  • Belong to a community - you've found it here! 

Together as an amazing community, we can all take our place at work, now and in the future.

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“Reskilling presents a clear way to build advantage in challenging times and drastically speed up the pace of progress on diversity – a strategy that will be good for women and crucial for the longevity of organizations.”

World Economic Forum / 2019

“Digital skills are the range of abilities to find, manage, and share information using digital devices, networks, and communication tools. As business education, transactions, and networking increasingly move online due to COVID-19, providing women with the digital skills training they need to succeed is more important than ever.”

Google Women Will / 2020

“In today’s era of rapid change, however, a single dose of education is not enough. Explicit knowledge is easily accessible from our devices and ripe for automation. Workers maintain their value by continuing to learn and adapt. In this reality there may be a silver lining for our increasingly seasoned workforce: the tacit knowledge advantage of wisdom.”

OECD Forum / 2019

“According to a report from Pew Research, 65% of American workers who engaged in training reported that the experience helped them expand their professional network, and 47% said that the extra training helped them move up within their current company.”

Fast Company / 2020

Organizations: Enhance Your Research

Want to know what women 45+ think of your product or service? Have a research project that would benefit from the insight of our community? We can help.

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“It used to be that people were born as part of a community, and had to find their place as individuals. Now people are born as individuals, and have to find their community”

Jennifer Phan

Embrace change. Empower your future.

Technology’s impact on the present and future of work is undeniable. So, too, is our potential. Let’s navigate this exciting world together.

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